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Connect Crews

Where a crowd becomes a community

Beyond Sunday

We believe that your spiritual life is more than service every Sunday. Connect Crews are small gathering of 10-15 people who meet in different locations once a week.

Our current study is Love Does by best selling author, Bob Goff. Together, we will learn a simple concept that can shift our entire world — shamelessly showing love and grace to those around us. What would that look like in our lives? Not the kind of love that stops at thoughts and feelings, but love that takes action…just like Jesus.


This is a 5-week study from August 6 – September 3 led by Pastor Hank and Allison Kistler. We will be meeting online via Zoom every Thursday at 7:00 PM.

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All of us have seasons of life when our relationship with God is really humming — those times where our faith and life sync up in all the right ways and everything just works. We also have the other kind of season. You know the one I mean: the season where faith and life seem to butt heads. Life gets hard, faith seems stale, and we feel stuck. If you’ve ever felt like that, then don’t go anywhere — this Love Does study is for you!

You see, this is a study about God’s love… and the most amazing thing about that love is that it’s not just a bunch of rules or stuff we have to agree with. God’s love is different. It changes things. It brings hope where before there was only despair. It revives faith that feels lifeless. It makes a way forward where there seems to be only a dead end. It’s active. It works. It risks. God’s love… does.

Tapping into this love requires a different skill set than what it takes to memorize answers for a test or to follow all the traffic laws so you don’t get a ticket. This isn’t a love you can earn, buy, or win. It’s something better. Something bigger. And it just might be something you discover more about by “doing stuff” too.

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